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About Bonusan

Bonusan wants to help its clients to feel that they have control over their own health. That is why, as a passionate family company, we have supplied professional food supplements and plant extracts since 1966. You can now find us in seven countries. We always perform research, development and production in the Netherlands, in our own factory.

As yet, many people remain unaware that so much can be achieved through food, exercise and supplementation. And that is a missed opportunity, both for the individual and for society. That is why we ensure that our expert knowledge is widely accessible. We actively look for increased knowledge and we substantiate everything that we say, do and produce with scientific research.

We see a future with a better quality of life for everyone: Living Quality. Through our foundation, the Natura Foundation, we organise courses and training programmes in food, exercise, nutritional therapy and clinical psycho-neuro-immunology. Everything that we strive for has just one single goal: to give you better control of health.n. uses cookies. Cookies are used to improve our products and services. Want to know more about our cookie policy? Read this information. 


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