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Supplement Delivery Service

Bonusan wants to help its clients to feel that they have control over their own health. That is why, as a passionate family company, we have supplied professional food supplements and plant extracts since 1966.

With our Supplement Delivery Service we serve this mission



Guided Suppletion

We believe in the value of supplements under the supervision of a practitioner. Because there is expertise needed to optimally use our supplements. That is why you will find us not on the shelves of the supermarket.

As little excipients as  possible

Bonusan is very critical on the use of adjuvants. We therefore choose natural herbal ingredients where possible. This makes most of our products also suitable for vegetarians. Finally, we take full account of the possible allergic reactions that can evoke certain constituents.

Your benefits

  • Wide range of high quality supplements for professional use
  • Easy and simple online ordering, payment and home delivery
  • Supplements ordered before 16.00 are shipped the same day
  • Your practitioner will watch your progress against your orders and directs where necessary

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