Bacteri 8 Senior (replaces Darmocare Extensis)

Bacteri 8 Senior replaces the Darmocare Extensis. Bonusan Bacteri 8 Senior offers a balanced mix of 8 bacterial strains specially formulated for the third stage of life. It's known that as someone ages, the amount and diversity of the bacteria in their microbiome decreases. The bacterial strains in this product are tailored to the bacteria that naturally occur in the microbiome of older people.

  • A balanced mix of 8 bacterial strains, specifically for the over-65s
  • At least 5 billion viable bacteria, guaranteed until the expiration date
  • Easy to swallow, vegetarian DRcaps® protect the bacteria against stomach acid
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Why bacteria? 
Bacteria are micro-organisms.These super small single-celled organisms live all around us and are also on and in our bodies. About 100,000 billion (1014) microorganisms live in the intestinal tract, the majority of which are bacteria. Humans and bacteria are mutually dependent on each other.

What do bacteria do? Bacteria have been on earth for much longer than humans. They have survived around the world for 3.5 billion years. Life on our planet would be impossible without them. One of bacteria's main characteristics is that, with the help of evolution, they can adapt to almost any environment, including inside our bodies. Bacteria live on the skin, in the mouth, nose, urinary tract and genitals. Most are located in the gut. 

Why are bacteria useful? Bacteria haven't always had a good reputation because they can also cause nasty diseases. These disease-causing bacteria are also known as pathogenic bacteria. But not all bacteria cause diseases or are pathogenic; there are also desirable and useful bacteria. All kinds of different bacteria live at the barrier locations of our body. It is about maintaining a good balance between the different bacterial strains. 

The benefits of Bonusan Bacteri 8 Senior
Bonusan Bacteri 8 Senior has been specially developed for the third stage of life and contains a large and balanced composition of bacterial strains. The strains all occur naturally in the human microbiome and have been scientifically researched.

What's in the Bonusan Bacteri 8 Senior? Over the course of our lives, the amount and diversity of bacterial strains in the gut decreases. Bonusan Bacteri 8 Senior contains a mix of no less than 3 types of lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria) and 5 types of bifidobacteria.

Bacteri 8 Senior is also guaranteed to contain 5 billion bacteria until the expiration date. This means that we include a larger dose during production so that we can guarantee that there will be a sufficient amount of viable bacteria until the expiration date. 

How to use this supplement.
Why is Bonusan Bacteri 8 Senior available as a capsule? The special DRcaps® protect the contents of the capsules up to the intestine, where the bacteria are released. The small capsules are easy to swallow. However, if you want an alternative way to take the supplement, the capsule can be opened and the contents can be dissolved in a glass of water. 

It is recommended to take the supplement standing up. When standing, our stomach muscles are better positioned to pass things through the gastric passage quickly. You'll see the greatest effect when you take the Bacteri supplement on an empty stomach before going to bed. Another good time to take this supplement is half an hour before breakfast or in combination with a carbohydrate-rich and low-fat meal. 

High-quality thanks to as few additives as possible
No unnecessary additives, other vitamins or minerals are added to the Bonusan Bacteri products. As a result, the bacteria's viability can be guaranteed for longer, and the rehydration capacity of the bacterial strains can be monitored. The bacteria are produced and dried under controlled conditions. Drying ensures that the bacteria can be kept for a longer period of time, provided that they are stored at room temperature, in a dry environment and protected (capsules or sachets). Bonusan Bacteri products also contain inulin and FOS. These fibres serve as a carrier for the bacteria. 

All strains in our broad-spectrum products are on the QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety) list and have been found to be safe in many scientific studies and approved by the ESFA (European Food Safety Authority) for use in food. The registration numbers of all added strains are listed on the packaging.

The amount of bacteria present in a supplement is expressed by the abbreviation CFU, which stands for colony-forming units. The amount of CFU is indicated in hundreds of millions to billions and is often expressed as 1 billion CFU or 1x109 CFU. The CFU stated on the Bonusan Bacteri products can be guaranteed from production until the listed expiration date.

Suitable for supplementing bacterial strains of people over 65
The composition of the microbiome changes throughout our lives. As we get older, the diversity of our gut bacteria usually decreases. Research has shown, for example, that there is a clear decline in the amount of bifidobacteria. It has been scientifically proven that factors such as lifestyle, diet, physical discomfort, medication and environmental changes can influence the microbiome's composition. 

Bonusan Bacteri 8 Senior has been specially developed for seniors or those over 65 and is suitable for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. 


Contains no: artificial colours, flavours and aromas., gluten, lactose, soy
Target group: 50+

Active ingredients

Composition per capsule:

Blend of bacterial strains: Lb. casei BGP93, Lb. plantarum 14D, Lb. reuteri LR92, Bb. animalis spp lactis Bi1, Bb. bifidum SP9, B. breve Bbr8, Bb. infantis SP37, Bb. longum SP54.
5 x 10⁹ CFU

Ingredients (in descending order)

Inulin, blend of bacterial strains, capsule wall (HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), gellan gum).


Usage Unless otherwise advised take 1 capsule a day at least an hour before a meal. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
Warnings When starting to use bacteria or fibres, flatulence and/or cramping can occur. This harmless symptom means that the bacteria have reached the intestines alive and are starting to ferment. Over the course of time (usually a week) the body adapts and the cramps and/or gas will reduce or disappear completely. In the event of complaints, one can reduce the daily dose to half of the recommended amount for the first two weeks.
Storage advice Store in a dry place at room temperature.


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
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