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Pineapple with fresh mint sauce

Wednesday 16 September 2015
Just as a late summer day can revive that feeling of summer, pineapple with fresh mint sauce will reawaken feelings of holiday leisure! The combination is nice and quirky, and offers an additional boon in the health department: thanks to manganese, pineapple is good for the bones and offers anti-inflammatory action.

Pineapple with fresh mint sauceand almonds

Dessert, 2 people

  • 1 fresh pineapple
  • 1 lime
  • 1 mint bunch (ca. 15 grams)
  • 1 table spoon of honey
  • 50 grams of almonds (in the shell)

Grate the peeling of the green lime and squeeze it into a bowl. Finely chop or cut the mint leaves and add in the lime juice, the peeling and the honey. Peel the pineapple and cut into thin slices. Add the slices to a bowl and scoop the mint sauce over it. Leave it soaking for about sixty minutes while stirring regularly. In the meantime, roast the almonds in a dry frying pan or in the oven at 150 degrees until light brown. Finely chop the almonds when cold. Serve the pineapple with mint and sprinkle with chopped almonds uses cookies. Cookies are used to improve our products and services. Want to know more about our cookie policy? Read this information. 


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