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3 healthy apps that we like to use

As well as the telephone, web shop and navigator, our smartphone is increasingly becoming a useful health device. Below are three apps that we at Bonusan like to use as a workout planner, meditation mentor and as a friendly incentive.

The apps below are available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

7-minute workout

However busy we are, surely we can manage ten minutes of exercise a day! More than that isn’t necessary – actually less is required – to benefit from the 7-minute workout. By investing a very small amount of time, you or your client can finally put into practice that New Year’s resolution. First you do one every day until it becomes a habit. Then you add another, and when things continue to improve, yet another. Once the first hurdles have been overcome, a solid foundation will have been laid to work on further. For example, using VirtuaGym.


Exercise is essential for good health, everyone is aware of that. The problem is, of course, that in our busy lives we sometimes don’t feel like it. VirtuaGym is a useful app which can give motivation just that extra little push. More than 500 exercises and 100 workouts can be done using the app. These can be done at home, outdoors or at the gym. Therefore, plenty of variety. Thanks to the clear instructions and animations, the learning curve is minimal and you can set to work immediately. We also find the workout planner useful.

Stop, Breathe & Think

After all that exercise, it is lovely to completely unwind. But Stop, Breathe & Think is invaluable especially during a busy and stressful day. The app literally allows you to stop what you are doing, so that you can take a few deep breaths and give free rein to your thoughts. First you choose how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically, then you are given a tailored meditation or mindfulness exercise. This is wonderful in terms of stopping the negative stress spiral. The total meditation time is recorded and for every exercise that you complete in full, you will be given a nice sticker as a reward. That is great, if you are open to that. Definitely recommended!

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