Healthy ageing

The secret to eternal youth … who isn’t searching for it? In the scientific community, anti-aging is also becoming increasingly important.

Would you sign up today for a long and healthy life? Much more is possible than you think!



We all want to look fresh and youthful – even that laughter line is open to suspicion. Or that first grey hair that unexpectedly shines in the mirror. Below you can read more about internal rejuvenation. You can find the recipe for a radiant skin in Poor skin betrays our secrets.

People in Blue Zones live longer
There are places where on average people live a little longer. These are the ‘Blue Zones’. You will find these on Sardinia (Italy), Okinawa (Japan) and in Loma Linda (California). They have the highest density of 100 year olds in the world. And the great thing is: they remain healthy for longer than we do.

What is the secret?
Every Blue Zone seems to have its own secrets … On Sardinia, the people drink wine with high levels of polyphenols, healthy substances that can also be found in olive oil. On Okinawa, it appears that the people are exposed to lower levels of stress and in Loma Linda they eat a lot of nuts. Walnuts help to improve the elasticity of the blood vessels.

The key to a long life
Thanks to the Blue Zones, the scientific community is starting to unravel the age-old secret. Family and friends are key: always being amongst people with a good safety net. Almost no-one smokes within the Blue Zones and that can make a difference of around ten years and it takes away a lot of misery.

Real human food
The food is traditional and comes straight from nature. It contains no refined carbohydrates or excessive salt. Meat is eaten, but only limitedly. In those places that fish can be found– in Sardinia for example – this is on the menu every day. Otherwise, the people mainly live from fruit and vegetables. It is therefore largely in line with the paleo diet: eating in the same way that our ancient ancestors ate. Also read Ten tips for good digestion.

Evolutionary exercise
The scientists also discovered that the way in which they exercised was inconsistent with our winners’ mentality. It really didn’t have to be faster, better or more efficient. To the contrary: frequent gentle exercise is sufficient to remain fit, to lower stress and to increase production of the “happiness hormone” serotonin. Straight down to work? Read our exercise tips in the article Healthy exercise.

Plenty of sunshine
As well as the aforementioned factors, sunlight is also important. Without exception, the Blue Zones are sunny. So there is plenty of vitamin D, whilst it is in short supply here which is a shame: vitamin D supports the bones, is good for the muscles, helps to maintain normal teeth and helps the immune system. But did you know it also supports the cell renewal process? It therefore really is a rejuvenation vitamin.

Your own Blue Zone
If you prefer not to emigrate just now, why not create your own Blue Zone! Enjoy the food that we originally ate – with thousands of edible plants, mushrooms and fruit, the variation is enormous. Also exercise like our ancestors exercised. Remain around other people, don’t smoke and especially get outdoors a lot. Take a vitamin D supplement to compensate for the chronic sunlight deficiency. You are never too old to feel young!

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