Heart & Blood Vessels

We don’t do many things passionately, but routinely. Would you prefer that this wasn’t the case?

With our 7 tips for a healthy heart, you will put an end to the drudgery and will get your heart beating faster again!

Heart & Blood Vessels



1. Start with healthy food
Our heart needs unsaturated fats. EPA and DHA from fatty fish are the most important for proper functioning of the heart. Vitamins are also important, and then especially vitamin B1. A pork fillet contains 68% of the recommended daily allowance. If you prefer not to eat pork, we advise taking a B supplement.

2. Good cholesterol is not bad
Cholesterol is often seen as the culprit. Nevertheless, it is not all bad. Did you know that 10% of the brain consists of cholesterol? Forget the myth and distinguish between good and bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is called HDL and mainly consists of protein and little fat. The bad cholesterol is called LDL, contains a lot of fat and is able to attach to the blood vessel walls. Therefore, to maintain normal cholesterol levels it is important to eat only small amounts of poor cholesterol and adequate amounts of good cholesterol.

3. Choose with your heart
Tasty sources of good cholesterol include walnuts, fish and vegetable oils. These raise the HDL levels. Lean beef, turkey and chicken also help. Vegetables and mushrooms contain almost no cholesterol and you can eat as many as you want. Do you like garlic? Your heart certainly does: garlic contains allicin, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels. However, foods that increase the bad LDL level are cheese, fatty meat, biscuits, cakes, snacks and savoury snacks.

4. Don’t make it too easy for yourself
If we feel hungry, we will immediately grab a chocolate bar. Oranges and snack peppers are left untouched. Don’t tempt yourself: simply don’t buy any unhealthy snacks. If there is ‘nothing else in the cupboard’ we will automatically empty the fruit bowl. You will soon notice that you don’t even miss convenience food. If you want to be totally safe, eat a healthy snack before you pick up the shopping basket!

5. But equally don’t make it too difficult for yourself
Exercise is healthy, but jumping up from the sofa and immediately running at top speed through the park isn’t. You will soon find yourself back on the sofa, no expensive trainers will help prevent that. Sport has to generate more energy than it costs. The less effort it is, the easier you will find it to carry on: it is best to do half an hour three times a week as opposed to one and a half hours in one fell swoop. You will notice when you really start to enjoy it – and that will be sooner than you think!

6. Why not try aerobic exercise
Aerobic exercise is good for the health of your heart. Build it up slowly and listen to your heart. You could use a heart rate monitor to help you to do that. Do not train in excess of 80% of your maximum heart rate. Exercising outdoors is, of course, the most enjoyable, but at a fitness centre you can be motivated and supervised by others. Exercising with other people can also help to keep your motivation high. Phone Call a friend today and get it in your diary!

7. Physically let off steam
Letting off steam in the sauna feels great of course. But who goes there every day? Unfortunately, stress is a ‘permanent fixture’, so make sure that relaxation has a permanent place in your day. During your break at work take a walk to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective. Do a short breathing exercise to calm your body down a little. Put your smartphone on aeroplane mode and head off out. Whether you participate in yoga, mindfulness, a creative course, or take a herbal bath – you heart knows more than you think.

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