Muscles & Bones

If we sit still a lot, our muscles and bones wear away. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Whether you have promised to go on a survival trip with a friend, or you have to give an important presentation, a healthy body turns words into actions!

Healthy muscles give you energy


More than exercise
When thinking of muscles, we mainly think about physical exercise. But they do much more: the heart muscle supplies blood to the body. Muscles in your intestines help you to digest your food. They also store vitamin C, an essential vitamin for building up immunity. So it is time to take action!

An active life
Our muscles particularly enjoy strength and resistance exercises. Our heart is revitalised by endurance exercise. Do what you enjoy and do it with other people: with motivation and pleasure you will achieve more than with willpower alone. Lifting weights, swimming, gymnastics and yoga keep you in top shape. Your heart, intestines and immunity will also benefit. Start straight away? Read Healthy exercise.

Muscles prefer …
Good proteins from organic meat, game or fish. Muscles will then recover faster when you have worn yourself out on the tennis court. Magnesium will also give you more: it has a beneficial effect on the muscles, including the heart. You can activate your body’s natural energy with vitamin B6. A banana contains high amounts of both and will keep you active for a long time. You can read more dietary tips in Ten tips for healthy digestion.

Standing firmer
Our muscles and bones literally allow us to stand firmer. But the same applies to bones:if you don’t use it, you lose it. They regulate our body’s acidity. When your food or drink is too acidic –  cheese, white bread, soft drinks and milk – minerals from your bones are used to restore the balance. The result? Lower mineral reserves and poorer bone quality.

Improve your minerals
You should preferably obtain calcium from green leafy vegetables such as spinach. Absorption within the body requires vitamin D, which is produced under the influence of the sunlight. We are only able to get enough sunshine on the sunniest summer days – a daily supplement is therefore recommended! Nuts and spinach provide magnesium for the bones and the body obtains important zinc from, for example, oysters or ham.

Powerful impression
Our posture says a lot about us. Whether we stand behind what we say or prefer to walk away. Whether we believe in ourselves or are afraid of failure. A healthy body turns your words into actions and inspires everyone. You say the same, but people hear something else. Feeling good is the most convincing argument.

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