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Our skin likes to share our secrets with everyone: whether we blush from shame, have slept poorly or are simply feeling out of sorts.

We can, of course, disguise how we look. But what is the true recipe for a permanently glowing skin? Feeling 100% good! And that starts with eating nice and healthily, exercise and enjoying yourself…

Poor skin betrays our secrets


You are what you eat, and that definitely applies to your skin. But which nutrients really make your skin glow?

Vitamin boost for the skin
The main vitamins for the skin are A, B2, B3, B8 and C.  Vitamin A is unrivalled as a skin rejuvenator! Vitamin A can be found in carrots and peaches: delicious as a snack, and nothing to feel ashamed about. It isn’t called a ‘peachy skin’ for nothing... Liver and fatty fish are also rich sources, and fatty fish also provides unsaturated fatty acids, which help with the first signs of skin aging.

A B-it of meat
The B vitamins are mainly found in meat. Especially B3 is important, because it supplies the energy that your skin needs. It you want your skin to look normal, it is best to avoid processed meat and pork. It is best to choose lean beef, chicken, turkey or game. If you are vegetarian and you still want to feel good, always consider taking a B supplement.

Make your skin happy with fruit
Vitamin C is the wonder vitamin par excellence for your skin. It contributes to normal collagen formation and therefore helps your skin to remain firm. But did you know that fruit is often picked before it is ripe? The less sunlight an orange is exposed to, the less vitamin C it produces. A vitamin C supplement isn’t such a crazy idea.

Improve your minerals
You need zinc and iodine for normal structure and function of skin cells. They help to keep your skin healthy. Copper is responsible for normal skin pigmentation. The richest sources of zinc are oysters, beef, spinach and nuts – definitely not a punishment! Oysters also contain copper, as do kale and mushrooms. Seaweed is rich in iodine. A mineral supplement can mean a lot for your skin.

Hydration? With water of course!
Pure tap water – you don’t need to drink anything else. Keep it interesting by alternating this with (herbal) tea and perhaps a glass of (organic) red wine in due course. Water helps to hydrate the skin, but is also a vehicle which ensures that all important substances reach the skin. Drink at least 2 litres of liquid a day.

Exercise and enjoyment
Your skin thrives from good metabolism. The best way of stimulating your metabolism is by exercising regularly. It is also a good way of relieving stress. Stress, agitation and poor sleep are, of course, disastrous for the skin. Dare to enjoy yourself sometimes, just let yourself go. Run a lovely herbal bath, or take a sauna. When you feel better, you also look better!

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